The hiatus from all the craziness life has thrown our way is lasting a little longer than we anticpated. However, we are still dedicated to our large constrictors and our herp community. We are working on a few new projects behind the scenes and will be back soon with more amazing pythons, a brand new website and a few new surprises! Thank you all for your continued support!


For those looking for some python care advice, below are links to our care sheets.



  • Burmese Python
  • Northen African Rock Python
  • Southern African Rock Python
  • Yellow Anaconda
  • Reticulated Python
  • Green Anaconda
  • DeChauensee's Anaconda
  • Beni Anaconda


If you are a customer looking to acquire a large constrictor, please do not ask any breeder or vendor to violate the Lacey Act. You won't be doing anyone a favor. These folks have put their blood, sweat and tears into their business and it is not right to ask them to risk everything (their business, family and freedom) just because you want a particular animal. In fact, you'll be lucky if you don't get turned in for trying to illegally acquire said animal! It is definitley a good way to get yourself blacklisted from being able to legally acquire one from a quality, reputable breeder or vendor. If you try do illegally acquire a listed species through me via phone, email or social media, your information wil be saved, you will be blocked, black listed and turned in to the proper authorities.


If you are a breeder or vendor that deals with any of the large constrictors currently listed under the Lacey Act attending or vending any reptile expo, large or small, please feel free to use the templates below in order to help reduce the risk of potentially violating the Lacey Act. We are on hightened alert due to the USARK lawsuit filed against USFWS. Sting operations are not uncommon and you should expect them to become more common as the lawsuit proceeds. These templates are NOT a guarantee against prosecution, but they are a good CYA (cover your ass) policy to institute. Feel free to modify them as you, your state or you required regulating agencies need.

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